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Project Description

Ira Thomas

In Nov 2016 I reached out to Mitchell scared, but ready to make a change! Initially, I was very skeptical because you see all these people talking about working out and weight loss and don’t really support you. Reaching out to Mitchell I was asked questions about what my goal was, what is my daily routine, do I have places to work out, etc. I have struggled with my weight for years and never felt motivated enough to even make a change, but Mitchell was a big help. He provided me with a simple meal plan, and an exercise routine that simple, but made me work! I am a picky eater, so I hate things like cottage cheese (something he recommended in my meal plan) and when I expressed that he told me some alternatives. As I followed his instructions, he would check in weekly with me to see how things were going and would make sure all my questions were answered. Being a mom of 2 I started to slack a little, but when I was ready to pick back up and get back to the hustle he encouraged me to get back in the game! He completely understood that sometimes we don’t have the motivation to continue a lifestyle change, but he made sure I knew the importance of keeping up the work I started.
So fast forward now to spring 2018 the pounds have been shedding, I am doing a lot better with what I choose to eat, and I love the amount of energy I have gained! Thank you for helping me start my journey to be a better ME!