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Answer: According to Phillippa Lally a health psychology researcher at University College London, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. With that said, to see a notable difference in your appearance, it takes at least three months. My goal isn’t to run your pockets, and I want you to make fitness a lifestyle and sustain it on your own. I’m willing to train you indefinitely, but I suggest at least a three-month commitment starting out. If you are looking for a quick fix because you plan to make an appearance at the beach in two weeks…don’t waste your money or time with this.

Answer: As previously stated, the most notable results will take approx. three months. You may start seeing visible results within the first month. I will provide you with the best tools needed to meet your goals. Your level of effort and commitment is VITAL to your success. I can’t be there to make you hit all your reps or prep your food. If you give my program everything, you have, you’ll achieve your goals!

Answer: I will customize your routine according to the following:

  1. Your goals
  2. How many days a week you plan to train
  3. Access to a fitness facility or lack thereof
  4. Injuries and possible health issues
  5. Sets/Reps/Rest period

Answer? I’ll design your routine with exercises to help strengthen the affected area and the surrounding muscles. I will not override your physical therapist so if you have one, follow their routine and advise me of this before making your routine.

Answer: No. I’m not a registered dietitian so making meal plans is out of my scope of work. What I will provide is a suggested shopping list of foods/supplements you should buy. Factors such as your goals and medical health history

I help clients with weight loss, muscle building, passing PT test for military/LEOs, and being all around fit.

There are NO refunds or cancellations so it is IMPERATIVE you are serious about taking this step. Once you have completed your three-month commitment, you can opt out of further training.

Contact: bigmossfitness@outlook.com for inquiries.