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Gainz on a Budget

  • This is a basic routine designed for beginners to get started. With this pre-made routine, you will receive basic full body, weight training, and cardio routine at an affordable price.

Bunz Builder

  • The “Bunz Builder is an eight-week routine designed to grow your glutes. This program includes specific glute routines, exercises to build the hamstrings, quads, and calves. You will train three days a week and should expect it to get progressively difficult.

One Time Deal

  • customized workout routine
  • Suggested food/supplements list
  • One weekly check-in
  • * Be advised, if you choose this option, this is a one-time deal! If you decide you like the routine and want it updated, you MUST buy the “One Time Deal” package again. If you feel you are in it for the long haul, then choose the “In it to Win it” package.

In it to Win it

  • customized workout routine
  • Suggested food/supplements list
  • Suggested eating schedule based around your daily routine
  • Any time text/email access for questions concerning the routine
  • Weekly check-ins from myself for accountability
  • UPDATED fitness routines monthly to keep you challenged, learning, and interested.
  • * After our three months are up, we will assess your progress and decide on our next course of action.