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Project Description

Michelle Cuffee

So, I had the great opportunity to meet Moss through a mutual friend. I heard nothing but great things about him, and I was trying to get in shape. When I spoke to him over the phone, he completely lied and told me he would take it easy… HOWEVER, THE WORKOUT DETERMINED THAT WAS A LIE. I felt pain in parts of my body I never thought existed. BUT I wouldn’t change a thing. Not only did he introduce me to HITT training but his dedication and determination to help me as a client was very professional. I lost 7pds in two weeks, and I only worked out three times a week. He also created a suggested food plan and checked up on me daily. If I could have him with me every day I would probably be walking around naked. If I had to grade his overall performance (results, professionalism, dedication), He would get an A+ in my book. Now come to Kuwait and help me get skinny again.