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Ebony Moffett

 Owner of Bodae Collection

Having Mitchell as my trainer was the best decision I could have made while being in Kuwait. I originally signed up for a meal plan and workout plan as we didn’t have time to work out in person because of our differing shifts. I stuck to it, and I saw small results, but I wasn’t AS disciplined by myself. He was also training my sister at the time. My job started getting on my nerves, so I started to call out. And on those days I got a full personal workout with Mitchell! I only called out about 7-10 days out of the month, and the results I saw were drastic. Along with me following his workout and meal plan on my own. I was on a weight gain and tone plan. In as little as 30 days I toned up and gained muscle. I looked AMAZING!!! Thanks, Mitchy Mitch!